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Art Competition Rules

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Log Cabin Museum 

Art Competition Rules


The Log Cabin Museum is a non-profit/not-for-profit, volunteer-run local museum. We are supported by

our local community, and in turn, we want to support our local community and engage area youth.


As part of our “fresh look”, we are seeking a new drawing of the Log Cabin Museum, that can be

used as our new logo! It needs to be a drawing that can be replicated easily and with clear lines, so

we are looking for a fairly simple line drawing, yet one that is still recognisable as the Museum.


  • Open to all youth who are: 

      - of Secondary School age, 15-19years, AND residing on the Saanich Peninsula


      - of Secondary School age, 15-19years, AND attending a school programme on the Saanich



  • No AI or graphics programmes. We reserve the right to check for such. We may ask to see prospective winners’ other art works to confirm it is likely original work.


  • We recommend viewing the exterior of the Museum in person, to gain an artist’s true perspective of the building.


  • The drawing must include an amended sign on the roof peak that says “Log Cabin Museum”, in keeping with the current 3 wooden signs.


  • If you wish to sign your name onto/into your artwork, you are welcome to do so, however, we ask that it not be done in such a way or of such a size as to take away from the subject of the drawing.


  • If you wish to include your social handles with your contact information, we will tag you on our social channels if you are the winning artist or one of the 5 runnersup.


  • Please DO NOT post your artwork on a social channel and tag us. We need to have a handdrawn, paper copy of your entry. Your entry can be mailed to us, or dropped off on Saturday afternoons at the Museum, or Monday afternoons at the Archives building next to the Museum. Please be sure to double-check that we are open, if you are dropping off your entry.


  • Artists please ensure your name is on your artwork before submitting! On a separate piece of paper please include your name, home address/school, and a method of contact (phone number/e-mail address) where you can be reached.


  • The winner will be required to sign a release, confirming that we will own the drawing, for non-commercial/non-profit use for as long as we so choose. The drawing will be used as our logo on our website, rack cards, newsletters, etc. We also may ask for a parental release, depending on the age of the artist.


  • You will be credited as the artist on the website and in the announcement as to the winning entry.


  • Entries will be reviewed and chosen by the Board of Directors of the Saanich Pioneer Society. We reserve the right to disqualify entries at our sole discretion. 


  • By entering your artwork, artists agree to abide by the Rules and the judges’ decision as final and binding. 


  • The Competition is now open. Closing date is: June 7th at midnight. Chosen artist and runnersup will be announced June 17th. We hope to have a small ceremony in the month of June, to present the prizes.


  • Prizes are as follows:

      $100 cash to the artist of the chosen drawing.

      $20 gift cards to Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe for the top 5 runners-up.

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